We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that cause leukemias and lymphomas. The scope of our research projects ranges from the elucidation of an epigenetic suppressor mechanism to the characteriziation of leukemogenic signal transduction pathways in the malignant cells.


- Deborah and Tara join the lab. They will work on B-cell receptor signaling and mobility in CLL. Welcome!

- Christine nails the hypomethylation of NFATC1, a major effector in the B-cell receptor signaling cascade that is so central to the pathomechanism of chronic lymphocytic leukemia. This explains at least in part why this pathway is so strongly active. Excellent work!

- We write a commentary on the first comprehensive description of the different resistancies that can develop in CLL patients that are treated with the new magic bullet, ibrutinib, a BTK inhibtor: "unwanted and unwonted!"

- Michael joins the lab. His expertise is on CRISPR, and he will take a closer look at signaling and chromatin of CLL. A real asset for the lab, very welcome!

updated 31/05/2018