We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that cause leukemias and lymphomas. The scope of our research projects ranges from the elucidation of an epigenetic suppressor mechanism to the characteriziation of leukemogenic signal transduction pathways in the malignant cells.


-   5. 3. 16 Which CLL Leukemias will respond to the novel therapies and which won´t? In order to answer that question together with 10 colleagues from Heidelberg and from Ulm we will use epigenetic marks on the whole genome to identify prognostic biomarkers, and the BMBF has just awarded the PRECiSe consortium the required funding! Stay tuned for our fiindings! 

-  18.01.16 Why are chronic leukemia cells no stem cells? Well maybe it´s because the stem cell factor KLF4 is silenced in malignant CLL cells by DNA methylation. Katharina could even show a link to NOTCH signaling - her paper is now almost accepted in Haematologica - congratulations!

-  01.11.15 Where do CLL cells come from? Chris used methylome analysis to show that CLL cells are derived from B-cells of different maturation stages - this is a great step towards understanding how CLL develops and also how this knowledge can be used to stratify patients into different prognostic subgroups. Its great that "Nature Genetics" accepted this outstanding finding - congratulations!  

-  10. 7.15 Eugens excellent effort is crowned by a first-authorship in "Nature"! With what is possibly the final word on genetic mutations in first-line treated and also progressing CLL, he could identify the driver-genes and pathways involved in CLL leukemogenesis. This is really GREAT news!

updated 5.3.16